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Surrounded by white sand beaches fringed with coconut palms, the island of Barbados rises out of the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and offers warm water surfing for all standards.

The natural beauty, variety of landscape, excellent beaches, average temperature of 28C, cooling breezes, and extremely warm hearted locals – makes this island one of the best surf destinations in the world and is a true tropical surf island paradise.

There is peace and quietness through out Barbados, which may be occasionally interrupted by the sounds of the surf or the brand mark of the Caribbean islands, the whistling frogs. The island has plenty to do after a your evening surf session is over as the Hotels, restaurants, bars and disco’s take over with live music and a relaxing atmosphere that sums up being a surf traveller.

Due to its positioning and shape Barbados can receive swell from all directions which means at almost any given day you can find surf somewhere on the island. With world class spots such as Soup Bowls and beginner breaks such as Sandbanks means that Barbados offers a range of quality surf spots for all standards of surfer and wave riding vehicle.

The surf season is year long with the better months from October to March when a size range will vary between 6 to 10 ft in the north of the island and clean 1 to 4 ft surf for the rest of the island. The rest of the year the surf is between 2 to 6ft and often very glassy in the morning offering superb and memorable surfing conditions.

The Sea temperature never drops below 26C and peaks at 30C in July and August. The island receives 3000 hours of sunshine and nearly 365 days of surf.

We offer a range of accommodation in Barbados to suit all, but one thing you are guaranteed is an amazing Caribbean experience and always with surf close by. - Barbados